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Events at Kinders Mill Day Nursery

Events at Kinders Mill Day Nursery

Up & Coming Events

Our events are a fantastic way to involve all the babies, children and staff in fun and sociable activities.


Autumn 2017 Events Calendar






Tuesday 19th

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in nursery all day today. Please speak to staff if you wish your child to be photographed. Christine comes in every year and gets some fabulous photographs.
Tuesday 19th Swimming lessons for this term begin in Little Owls
Wednesday 20th PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in nursery for the afternoon only.
Tuesday 26th Parent consultation evening in the Hedgehogs room (tracker updates)


Wednesday 4th

Reports for children in the Squirrels room available on Tapestry today
Monday 23rd It is half term this week so no swimming for Little Owls
Sunday 29th Clocks go back this weekend


Thursday 9th Parents evening in Little Owls (tracker updates)
Friday 10th Activities around the nursery today in aid of Children in Need. This will include a staff challenge! We’re working on the details so look out for more information nearer the time
Wednesday 29th Last swimming lesson this term for Little Owls
Wednesday 29th Reports for Otters children are available on Tapestry today


Monday 4th Christmas activity morning in the Otters room
Tuesday 5th Christmas activity morning in the Squirrels room
Wednesday 6th Little Owls Christmas activity morning
Thursday 7th Christmas activity morning in the Hedgehogs room
Monday 11th Christmas activity morning no 2 in Little Owls
Tuesday 12th Christmas parties in Squirrels, Hedgehogs and Otters rooms.
Wednesday 13th Christmas party in Little Owls
Friday 15th Christmas Jumper day throughout the nursery – in aid of Save the Children
Tuesday 19th Christmas lunch today in all rooms
Wednesday 26th Nursery closes at the end today for the Christmas break. We re-open at 7.30am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. 

Please ask a member of our staff if you would like further information about any of the events above.






Stay & Play / Activity Mornings:

These sessions are intended to give parents /grandparents the chance to come into nursery and spend some time taking part in activities with the children. We think they are a great opportunity for 

you to see first-hand the kind of things your children get involved with during their time at nursery.


Parent Consultation Evenings:

The purpose of these evenings is to give the opportunity for you to spend some time talking to your child’s key person at a time when you are not feeling rushed. You are welcome to use the time to ask about your child’s progress, any concerns you may have, or simply to chat about how your child is getting on. There may also be news or information from home that you would like to share with us. We also use these evenings to ask you to update emergency contacts, phone numbers and permissions.


Our daughter has been at Kinders Mill Day Nursery for over two years and has formed a very strong bond with her carers and friends. I think that the care is fantastic, the carers are really interested in the children and their development. The food is all organic and prepared on the premises. From preschool onwards the children have French and swimming lessons which our daughter loves. Opening hours are very good for working parents. I would highly recommend Kinders Mill to anyone. Christine Wareham


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Suggestion box for event ideas

If you have any ideas for fun, educational and creative events that Kinders Mill Day Nursery can get involved with, please contact us with your suggestions


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