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Organic Meals for children at nursery

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What makes Kinders Mill Day Nursery so special?

At Kinders Mill Day Nursery everything we do is designed around our core values: to teach, engage and provide children with the experiences and skills they need to be happy and successful in life.


Highly qualified and experienced staff

The quality and commitment of our staff sets us apart from many other nurseries. We take the utmost care to recruit and retain only the best and most dedicated Early Years practitioners – we are well aware that a nursery is only as good as its staff team.


An unusually high proportion of our staff have formal qualifications in childcare and many have years of experience of working with children. All our staff are trained to extend each child's learning, giving them added confidence and a valuable head start for when they go to primary school.


In addition, all our staff have Paediatric First Aid qualifications, whereas Ofsted require only one trained member of staff, per nursery.


Vertical Grouping

We operate a 'vertical grouping' (also referred to as family grouping) caring and learning environment across the nursery, which allows children from 6 weeks to 3 years to learn and play alongside each other in the same rooms. 

Vertical grouping facilitates the natural social situations children experience at home and outside nursery and is proven to help stimulate language development, social interaction and emotional development. 


Key Worker

Each child is assigned to a 'key worker', a specific person who is responsible for ensuring the care and safety of your children and for reviewing and monitoring their development and wellbeing as they settle into life at Kinders Mill Day Nursery.  Your child's key worker will stay with them until they reach pre-school.


All inclusive fees & flexible hours

We provide everything your child will need for a day at Kinders Mill Day Nursery, including; nappies, wipes, formula milk, all activities etc, so all you need to bring is your little one and we will ensure the rest.


Visit our fees page for more information.


Delicious organic meals

We are extremely proud to be one of the very few children’s nurseries in the UK to use exclusively organic ingredients in all of our food and drink.  Encouraging healthy eating and educating children about what they eat and where it comes from is vitally important for ensuring children develop a positive and healthy attitude towards food.


At Kinders Mill Day Nursery, our talented Nursery Chef prepares a wide range of nutritious meals for the children to try, using only the finest organic ingredients.


All organic meals are included in your nursery fees, so you can be reassured that your child is getting the best start in life.


A sample of our delicious menu



Fresh Fruit


Milk or Water

Fresh Fruit


Milk  or Water

Fresh Fruit


Milk or Water

Fresh Fruit

Milk or Water

Fresh Fruit

Buttered Toast

Milk or Water


Chili Con Carne

with Brown Rice

Quinoa & Vegetable Cobbler


Chicken & Broccoli Risotto Sweet & Sour Pork Noodles Cod Pasta Bake
PUDDING Blueberry Sponge Custard Nutmeg Rice Pudding Spiced Apple & Oat Crumble Courgette Cake & Chocolate Sauce Beetroot Cake & Pink Beet Sauce

Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich


Coconut Macaroon

Spinach Welsh Rarebit



Minted Pea Soup & Bread Fingers


Fresh Fruit

Pimento Scone

Vegetable Sticks


Fruit Yoghurt

Cheese & Tomato Sandwich


Carrot Cake

A selection of cakes, tray bakes, biscuits or fruit

At Kinders Mill Day Nursery, ensuring healthy eating and a balanced diet for all our children is a top priority.


Our qualified & experienced staff

Qualified Nursery Staff


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