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What does Ofsted say about Kinders Mill Day Nursery?

Kinders Mill Day Nursery is an 'Outstanding' Ofsted Registered children's nursery in Hitchin.


Our 2015 Ofsted review highlighted a number of key strengths that both the management team and staff at Kinders Mill Day Nursery help to maintain.


Below are some of the key findings highlighted in our recent Ofsted Report:





Children are excited as they arrive and are immediately ready to learn in the highly stimulating indoor and outdoor areas.


All children make excellent levels of progress in their learning given their starting points. They are highly motivated and persevere at challenging tasks. Children rapidly develop the key skills they need in readiness for school. 


Ofsted Report, 2015


Qualified & experienced staff

"The strong skills of all key persons help children to form very warm and caring bonds with them. Children are very happy and demonstrate that they feel exceptionally secure and confident in their care from a very early stage. The successful arrangement of mixed age groups in each room replicates natural social situations outside of nursery and older children act as excellent role models."


Please download our full Ofsted Report